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Chewy gives back

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At Chewy, we are committed to providing high-quality pet products for not only your beloved fur babies but also less fortunate ones all over the country. From premium dog food to cat litter boxes, we have donated more than $97 million in pet supplies to animals at shelters and rescues in the United States over the past decade. This includes more than 93 million meals for our shelter and rescue animals and more than 61 million pounds in food donations.

At Chewy Gives Back, you can help us on our mission to provide for our fur buddies in need. 

another pet’s trash is another pet’s treasure

You know what they say: Another pet’s trash is another pet’s treasure. Don’t throw away those pet products that your fur babies don’t want. Find a local shelter or rescue and see if those items are on another pet’s wish list. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can shop our products, purchase those exact items on their wish list and drop them off at the shelter or rescue. Your kind donations will surely make those dogs’ tails wag and those cats purr.

adopt, don’t shop

Looking for a new furry bestie? There are so many cats and dogs waiting for their next purr-ents! Adopt a cat or a dog at a shelter or rescue near you. Not only will you gain a fur-ever companion, but you are also doing good by saving their lives and providing them the loving care and family they deserve.

let’s work together

Do you work at a shelter or a rescue? Register for our Shelters and Rescues Network and get access to myriad benefits: donations from our customers and opportunities to promote your shelter or rescue’s adoptable pets to our customers and earn commission from our referral program. So far, we have partnered with more than 7,500 shelters and rescues in the United States, and we’d love to serve more!

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This website is not affiliated with Chewy in any way.